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Acid Hound


Although it may not seem as powerful as traditional rocket launchers, the Acid Hound gets it's power through dousing it's enemies in many large splashes of corrosive acid.




9-20% Damage





Rate of Fire



24 Shots x 1 Clips






The Acid Hound is a bulky green gun with a big barrel. It shoots rockets filled with acid at the opponent at a constant pace. The Acid Hound's rockets tend to arc, so accuracy is lowered. Never use this unstable but powerful weapon at close range as the rapid fire of the rockets and the splsh damage will kill you fast. Even though the weapon is fast firing, it is not very powerful and thus is severely outclassed by many other guns. It may be useful to rapid-fire gun enthusiasts.


Based on the Bio Uzi, but has more ammo, does a little more damage and gravity affects it more. It is like a more complex version of the Bio Uzi from Raze 1. It uses the same kind of ammo, acid. They also have a hold-down mouse firing mode, able to shoot more than once with the mouse button pressed down continuously except that the acid hound has less range and has a bigger splash radius.


  • Beware of shooting upwards. The acid will come curving down and deal yourself damage.
  • The Credit Cannon , while it seems to be a gravity based item, is not, forming faux thinking that it is related to Acid Hound at all - only stats have a relationship.
  • Beware of static fields. They're super deadly to acid hounds.
  • You get to test it out for free on Level 7 Alien Campaign:A Strong Defense
  • It deals 9-20% damage per shot.
  • Be careful at shooting it at close distance as you can take some damage from it.
  • Not a useful weapon but at least you can shoot it overboard or over a wall to hit the target.


  • Rapidly firing
  • Lots of splash damage
  • Lots of ammo


  • Highly priced
  • Small damage
  • High suicidal rate
  • Slow damage



Holy Grail
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