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Alien Commander

Alien Commanders are the commanders of the Alien Fleet and the highest ranking aliens as of now. These aliens are generally smarter, stronger and have better quality weapons than their lower ranking peers. Each Alien Commander has the same appearance. Read More...

Alien Commander

This is the version of what the Commander really looks like.


Equipment and ability:


Aliens are extra-terrestials who live on another planet far from Earth. These aliens are the infantry of the Alien Fleet, and pose a threat to humans. Aliens have incredible technology which allows them to warp space-time, travel great distances and make weapons that make guns look like firecrackers. The soldiers of the Alien Fleet are generally adept in combat, but their talents gray out when compared to Alien Commanders. These Aliens carry basic alien weaponry with them.


This is what the albino alien might look like. I just picked an alien randomly and ended up with this.


Equipment and ability:

  • Defensive - Probably none
  • Utility - Shield battery
  • Offensive - Unknown
  • Ability - None at first, then cloak in Human campaign.

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