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Assault Bouncer


The Assault Bouncer is named not for it's initial projectiles, but for the aftermath. After hitting an object, it splits into smaller bouncing embers that set their surroundings on fire.




6% (est)








14 Shots x 3 Clips






The Assault Bouncer is a brown and gold plated gun with a thin handle. It shoots a single fireball which, when hitting the surface of a wall, splits into several smaller embers which bounce around until they hit a target. The single fireball deals a lot of damage and also burns as well. Like the Electro Bolt, the initial projectiles deal a lot more damage than the aftermath. Projectiles travel at the same speed as a rocket launcher's rockets. Shoot at the ceiling above an opponent to catch him by surprise, or shoot at close range to maximise the damage done to the target. Unsurprisingly, this weapon is used by Ex.Treem, Resident Pyromaniac and berzerking squadmember. It is useful in capture the flag, where there's usually a bunch of enemies standing together near the flag. This weapon is also good for creating an ambush as it sets the enemy in a mild fire. Can also be counted as a sort of a splash damage weapon.


  • Strangely, it can also split not only when hitting a solid surface, but when hitting other people (of course, people are solid objects...).
  • Strangely, when the assault bouncer's initial projectile hits an enemy static field, it splits up into secondary projectiles, and not the initial projectile. This is probably due to the fact that the initial projectile has come into contact with a not-permeable membrane/object/item/substance, thus triggering its program to split into the secondary projectiles.


  • Static Field(To reflect the embers)
  • Emergency Heal(To supress the damage)
  • Armor Plating(To not get burned by the embers)
  • Combat Armor(Somewhat effective)


Holy Grail
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