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It is the year 2118 and the aliens are attacking again! Humanity has chanced upon alien artifacts that produce a huge and powerful shield when all of them are placed, linked up and activated correctly. Humanity has to fight against the Aliens in order to get the artifacts and protect the future of humanity from being destroyed by a large meteor shower that can destroy Earth. Also, the aliens also want it back because their planet is being threatened by the meteor shower too!


Linked artifacts

The Artifacts

The Artifacts' origin are unknown, but the aliens found it on an unknown planet and had to bring them back to their home planet. Then, while they were crossing the Solar System on their way back to set up the artifacts, their ship was attacked by a human military ship, the artifacts were claimed by the humans. When activated and used together, their blocking power increases exponentially and can protect a planet from a meteor shower. This is the reason why both the humans and the aliens are fighting over the artifacts: their planets are being threatened by a large meteor shower. It is unknown why the scientists were even able to figure out what it is, what it does and how to use it so quickly.
Meteor shower


In the year 2117, the aliens mounted an invasion attempt on Earth. They created a zombie virus that turns humans into mindless zombies so the aliens can fight without civillian resistance. A group of elite soldiers called the Raze Task Force was deployed to stop the threat. (The term, "Raze" means, to destroy) Only the player survived ,the rest were infected by the zombie virus and had to be slaughtered or put into cyrostasis. The player too was infected with the zombie virus. He and the rest of the people who were infected were put into cryostasis, waiting for the day for a scientist to come up with a cure.

One day, Capt. Biggs (Remember him from Raze 1? Then again, maybe he's the old Biggs' son) was delivering some robots from some space station. The aliens saw Captain Biggs and
Cpt. Biggs with the artifacts

Captain Biggs finding the artifacts.

because a large meteor shower is heading towards the Aliens' home planet and Earth. the aliens were carrying their only known chance of survival: the artifacts. The aliens thought that Captain Biggs was going to steal their artifacts, so they started attacking Captain Biggs' ship, the Echo-1. The Echo-1 fought back and in the end, the aliens were shot down. The Echo-1 was severely damaged and was crippled as a result. The aliens boarded Capt. Biggs' ship but the transport bots helped him to fight the aliens. Capt. Biggs was lucky and killed them. After searching through the wreckage of the alien ship, he found a bright, radiant glow coming from inside the alien ship. There, he found the four artifacts. Despite all the chaos around them, the artifacts were completely unharmed, as if they posess some sort of powerful force field. He thought They were too big to fit in the captain's escape pods, so he took the escape pod back to Earth. Meanwhile, the humans were pulling out the last surviver of the Raze Task Force and took him into action to warm him up. After that, the aliens invaded their headquarters and the Raze soldier had his first real battle in years. Next, they investigated the possible crash-landing of the Echo-1 and tracked down Captain Biggs, the only survivor of the crash in a zombie quarantine zone on their second sweep. The humans decided to try and locate the artifacts on board the ship so that they could return it to the aliens but the onboard security went haywire and attacked the humans.

The aliens (me) about to ambush their facility up north.

Next, the player has to train new recruits about how to survive and fight in a Juggernaut match while scientist were researching into the artifacts. The aliens, however, were in the mines, convincing the zombies to fight alongside with the aliens' troops. You might remember in Raze 1 how the undead became brainless fighting machines with extreme durabliity. Because the aliens haven't returned in years, the zombies forgot about the aliens as their allies and just shot everyone and sometimes other zombies. So, the aliens were successful in training the zombies to fight alongside the aliens' troops as a result of the Commander's bravery.

While the artifacts were still being researched, the aliens located the artifacts and raided the lab. Fortunately, the humans guarded it well. Next, alien shipyards were found in a desert. The player and a new team destroyed the base. The aliens discovered the artifacts again in another lab. The player and his team managed to secure the artifacts and fend off the invaders. In the dead of night, communications to the alien shipyard had been ceased and the humans fear the worst. The player finds that the Commander had lured him there to kill him. The scientist have found out the true power of the artifacts and the meteor shower.
Artifact placements

Placements of the artifacts.

The player and his team are to secure it in a zombie mine. Next, aliens have found out that another artifact have been placed in the underwater lab and are removing it. The player and his team succeded in securing the artifacts. Next, the aliens have discovered the location of the mine artifact and are removing it. The player manages to secure it. Placing the thrid artifact in the research lab, the player feels something stirring inside--the Zombie Virus! Placing the forth artifact, the player has mutated into a full zombie, but still has enough willpower to save Earth. This is where it branches off...

  • Human campaign- The
    Artifacts doing work

    Artifacts doing their work.

    commanders were killed and humanity was saved. The aliens can't launch their surprise attack because their commanders are dead.
  • Alien campaign- The humans activated the artifacts just in time, but the aliens were successful. Since the humans have placed and activated the first artifact, the aliens already know that they were too late...they can't save their planet. So, they devised a new plan, to evacuate their race as much as possible and place them on Earth. The other battles were just distractions so, while the main human millitary forces were concentrating on battling the alien's fake distraction battles, over 45% of the aliens' race were evacuated on time, and settled on the other side of the Earth until the time comes...Soon, Earth will be theirs from their massive surprise attack.
    Mass invasion

    Mass alien invasion, all armed with Pulsators for a strange reason only the creators know. The humans were fooled and the surprise attack has begun.


These questions to puzzle you.

  • When the Raze Soldier fully mutated into a zombie, how come he still has the intelligence and was fighting alongside the humans, more skilfully than ever? Shouldn't that skill and intelligence have gone even though he can still fight?
  • Why is the Raze Soldier still in command of his body even after he mutated?
  • Who knows what will happen to J.Rockit?
  • Does Ex.Treem and M.D.Sage become the "leaders" of Raze 3, like Sgt.Johnson in Raze 1 and J.Rockit in Raze 2?
  • What will happen to the human race after the aliens attacked with the element of surprise in the alien campaign ending?
  • What happens to the artifacts?
  • Will the aliens ever attack again if their present campaign is unsucessful?
  • What will happen to the invasion force after the humans killed the commanders?
  • Did all the Commanders die?
  • How come the alien commander appeared in every single battle against the humans in the alien campaign, while in the human campaign you only meet the alien commander in level 10 human campaign?
  • Did all of the Humans that were in the final level die (this depends on how you played the final level, so it's hard to tell)?
  • what if the invasion failed to take over earth? or if the humans failed to save their planet? what will happen?
  • What will happen to the raze soldiers in the stasis room if the aliens had come to invade earth?
  • Can you save full fledged zombies?

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