Emergency Heal


15 seconds


Heals 60 health


Heals nearby allies 30




Emergency Heal is an ability that gives you 60% health when it is activated. Nearby allies will also receive some of the healing. Emergency Heal can be used effectively by healers of a team, so it would be best to stick close to them. Md. Sage is a field medic and he carries Emergency Heal all the time. If you're the Raze Soldier, it's best to stick close to Md. Sage to receive healings. Sadly, Emergency Heal can't stand up to the weapons of the great three, unless it is paired up with combat armor (+50% total health). It also works surprisingly good with Adrenaline Boost, if you're fast enough to react. Sadly, its healing radius is fairly short, and its 15 second recharge time is long. It gives around 90% health with Pickup Booster.


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