Ion Cannon


The Ion Cannon uses the latest in atom fusion technology to propel it's shells at an incredible velocity.




52% Damage





Rate of Fire



6 Shots x 2 Clips






The Ion Cannon is a yellow-brown explosive weapon. It uses atomic fusion technology to accelerate shells to incredible speeds. In the game, it shoots a yellow beam that instantly hits the area you were aiming at. It has good firepower and has more ammo than a rocket launcher. With the instant hit that the Ion Cannon specialises in, no enemy can dodge its attacks. It does 52% damage to the opponent.(Excluding flames) If used until its ammo is drained, it can deal 780 damage. Best paired up with Stabilizer or Hair Trigger.



In science fiction, an ion cannon is a beam weapon that fires beams of ions (atoms or molecules with an electrical charge). Due to its power, it is usually classified as a superweapon. An ion cannon is a type of particle cannon; only the particles used are ionized. Due to their electrical charges, they have the potential to disable electronic devices, vehicles, and anything else that has an electrical or similar power source. Because of their classification as super-weapons, ion cannons have found their way into movies and television shows that have a science-fiction based setting. Ion cannons are also present in several games:Homeworld, Homeworld 2, the Command & Conquer series, Unreal Tournament 2004, Ogame, Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal, and StarCraft, for example.

Ion cannons are also used in Star Wars, the Clone wars. Count Dooku's new battleship, the Malevolence, is fitted with two ion cannons that instantly disables an enemy's shield, leaving room to fire without the republic ships attacking back. But then Anakin Skywalker (Not darth vader yet) and his Shadow squadron of twelve bombers piloted by clones destroy the two ion cannons by overloading it and damaging the edge of the ray. It is unknown how the hyperdrive is also disabled, so General Grievous was vunerable to attack and cannot jump to hyperspace.

Don't think that ion technology is all for war. Right now, a new space era has begun. Only a few years after the dawn of the 21st century, scientists have stumbled on a new and amazingly powerful kind of rocket. The Ion Drive. It now makes "planet hopping" space probes possible, to slow down, go into orbit around a planet or moon, then use its ion drive to fly out of orbit and fly to another planet, and so on. There is even a possibility that when an ion drive is powerful enough, it can travel at 10 times the speed of Voyager 1. It means that it can reach Neptune in just 1.2 years, instead of 12 years, as the Voyager 2 had to travel.

Ion particles are also what drives the sun's immense power, not fire. If the ion cannon shoots H+ (Positively charged hydrogen ions), then it shoots pure protons. If the protons fly fast enough, they can fly into the nucleus of an atom, and fuse with the nucleus inside the atom. Following Einstien's famous equation, E=mc(squared), mass can turn into energy. The hydrogen nucleus fuses with another proton to make heavy hydrogen: Deutertron. Following the fusion it can release positrons, which fuse with orbiting electrons and annihilating with it to make a pair of powerful gamma rays. It can also release 2 other pairs of gamma rays in the intial fusion. The gamma rays decay into X rays, then UV rays, then it loses energy, splits and generates a bright optical flash.

Reality (Fusion technology)

Fusion means to bind together. Most commonly, fusion is found every day. It's simple. it's the sun. The most common term of Fusion is Nuclear Fusion, meaning to bind the nuci of atoms together. In the process, via Einstien's E=Mc2 (Squared), some of the mass from the initial nuci is lost, and converts into mostly gamma rays, extremely powerful energy, but still a cousin to light. The sun shining is actually the gamma rays hitting atoms in the radiative zone of the sun, and losing energy and splitting into lower energy photons. Then, through the convection zones the energy emerges from the solar "surface" and sets its 150 million km (90 million miles) journey towards Earth. Getting back to nuclear fusion, the helium nuci remains in the sun's core. 5 billion years from now, Hydrogen will be almost absent from the core and the sun will swell into a red giant, and fusing the helium into carbon, more commonly known as the triple alpha reaction. 3 helium nuci smash together all at once, producing an enormous amount of energy, and roasting Earth. Mars will roast too. Earth will become another of the Lost planets, like Venus, and will be erased of any signs of life and civillization by a global lake of lava. What comes after the red giant stage? Around 2 billion years from the Red giant stage, the sun will puff its outer layers apart, powered by Nuclear Fusion. Smaller suns (stars) will just gradually fade away, while larger stars will continue to fuse elements, each producing less and less energy per reaction. Iron is the dead end of Nuclear Fusion, and is capable of blowing a massive star as large as 1.5 billion km wide apart, and causing an intergalactic explosion, known as a Supernova. What happens next, depends on the star's mass. Stars like the sun will turn into a white dwarf, the size of the current Earth, but contains almost the entire sun's mass. Smaller stars will suffer the same fate. For the stars that go supernova, if the star is less than 3 times more mass than the sun, then it will become a Neutron star, made of nuclear fluid. A White dwarf and a neutron star can steal matter from another passing star, and triggering a second explosion, powered by fusion. Stars more than 3 times more massive than the sun become Black Holes, gateway to infinity. Before that, it will rip you apart, known as speggetification, before pulling you towards infinity, known as the Singularity. All laws of physics break down, time and space goes haywire. No one knows what's inside...


Holy Grail
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