Description Edit

This mode is unlocked by getting the Oh Hi Kitty achievement. It makes all faces become real-life cat faces. It can make the background become gold with orange rays, meaning sunshine. It is a higher quality image of the Awesome Face's sunlight reflecting off of the Awesome Face's...face. You will not be able to see your kill bonuses while having this mode equipped, meaning that if you get a headshot on an enemy, it will not appear. However, the short forms in lol cat mode are a little bit rude in some cases.

It also makes any kill and deaths appear as:

  • Your Kills:
    • LOL!!
      Mode 1

      An example of the "Lol Cats" mode. Notice how damage is received, the background, and the death phrase

    • ROFL!
    • LMAO!
    • LOLZ
    • OMG.
    • LOLOL!
    • BBQ!

  • Death:
    • LOL N00B -(suicide)
    • OMG Hax:: <name of killer> -(upon being killed)

Quotes from players from armorgames on lol catsEdit

"Trust me, it's hilarious!"


"I can't stop laughing!"