• I'm dead. Respawn in 3, 2, 1.
  • I'm alive again.
  • What? My body is hurting.
  • My brain is turning into mussshhhh....
  • Ohhhhh goooodddd noooo...Myieee....braiiin...evaaaporating....
  • Where...Must...finnndddd....brainnnssss.....arrrrtiffaccct....
  • I...hope a dreeeeemmmm.....


This is a special kind of character that cannot be brought in the armory. Unlike other buyable characters that doesn't have an influence on your weaponary, equipment, abilities or your character appearance, this special character does have a huge influence on your health stats - multiplies by 5. So you get 500 health but you can only use it on Level 15 Human Campaign. Observe and slide backwards and forwards for the slide shows to see the difference between the mutated Raze soldier character and the normal Raze soldier. This deletes your previous equip on Defensive - no problem if one has Combat Armor - simply think of it as an upgrade. In other words, think of it as a defensive equipment that also has an effect on your character's appearance.

  • This is what a Raze 2 zombie raze soldier looks like.
  • However, this is what a raze 1 mutated raze soldier looks like.
Raze Soldier

Playing as the mutated Raze Soldier.

  • Okay...I hope the zombie virus doesn't stir up yet...
  • Nooooooo......z-zomb-bie virrrruuss.....gooo awaaaayyyyy......
  • .....ttttoooooo llllaaaaattteeee.........gggggeeeetttt bbbbbrrrrraaaaaiiiiinnnnsssss???????

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