• zombies...right?.....uh....oh.....
  • iiimmm mmmuuuaaatttiinngggg....ooohhh gggooddd pplleeasse heeellppp meee....
Mutation is armor that is only available in level 14 of the Human Campaign. It is an extended version of the Combat Armor, and Mutation gives 200% HP and uses up the Defensive slot.


200% Maximum HP



Human Campaign, Level 14




Mutation in real life, has another name. Cancer. Usually, it is caused by your DNA having copying errors, and instead of dying away, it spreads, and takes over your system, and might, and usually will, kill you.
DNA Mutant

You might think, "I want to be a mutant so I can have superpowers!" That's not true. Usually, they will kill you in some horrible way.

  • Looks normal, eh?
  • Alright now... Oh crap, look at that mutation!

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