With no doubt, the Raze series was Juice-Tin and AddisonR's most ambitious and successful project. Here are some other cool games made from the team, now working in a company they founded called Sky9 Games, is working on a Raze style game called Strike Force Heroes, which is anticipated to hit this summer.

List of games created:Edit

Games in developmentEdit

  • Strike Force Heroes - An action/shooter game, from the sample screenshots and the main image, it could be known that it is like Raze 2, but for unknown reasons, it is not called Raze 
  • Siegius Arena - A gladiator game, like the original Siegious, it featured soldiers during the Roman period, but instead of sending out soldiers to fight, it featured you controlling one soldier, upgrading it, etc.

Developed GamesEdit

  • Raze 2 - This is what this wiki is about. Go and have fun learning about what's in Raze 2!
  • Siegius - The original Siegius, where you send troops with different statistics in to fight the enemy. More like a tactical game, like the popular Black Navy War series.
  • A Knight's Quest - Not much known, but it is a hilarious old school RPG game...
  • Raze 1 - The Producer's Claim to fame! The game that started it all!!!

*The website of Sky9games is finally up!

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