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Precision Laser


The precision laser was meant for highly accurate long range kills. Although it's base damage is not very high, it deals extremely critical damage to heads, butts and crotches.




12% Damage





Rate of Fire



24 Shots x 3 Clips






It is a medium-sized green gun that fires green lasers at opponents. These green lasers deal little damage but when combined with good aim, Double Damage and Rapid Fire, it can be extremely useful. Try to aim for the head, crotch or butt as hitting these areas will deal three times more damage than usual. This gun can be considered as a semi-long range weapon. Useful for long range chases. A good aimer's must. A sniper will also favor this weapon.

Precision Laser


  • It fires slower than the assault rifle
    Precision laser

    The precision laser firing.

  • Great for "critical" pros
  • Pretty big clip
  • Great for taking on players with adrenaline boost
  • Great for snipers doing levels of the Impossible Three.
  • Moderate chase weapon.
  • It is the most powerful automatic weapon per shot if aimed at critical++.
  • Combine with Target Marker [20% + Critical]
  • Serves as a good backup weapon when you don't have your explosive, long range, heavy and close range.
  • Don't bother dodging. The beam is instant travel.
  • Shoots slower than other automatics, but power in each shot if it hits critical is overwhelming. Combine it with Target Marker for even more damage per shot.
    Precision Laser clips

    I don't know why...but the first 3 automatics have exactly the same size clips and storage.


  • Armor Plating
  • Combat Armor
  • Emergency Heal

Holy Grail
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