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Rapid Fire!




Crash Landing












The Rapid Fire upgrade makes your weapon shoot twice as fast for a short period of time. During that period, you are surrounded by a yellow hue and when shielded, your Static Field is yellow. In order to compensate for quick loss of ammo, the rapid fire comes with infinite ammo. This upgrade is considered to be better than the Double Damage power up in some ways. It also allows you to hold down your mouse on the left click for all weapons, e.g. Normally the Shotgun can't shoot more than once when the left side of the mouse is held down, but with the rapid fire powerup the shotgun can shoot at a rate of just 1 round per 8/10 of a second. Because of this, rapid fire is VERY powerful when paired with high damage weapons like the .50 Caliber Sniper Beware! You still damage yourself with splash weapons! Also, even an insane AI can go ballistic with the rapid fire powerup, like the Raze soldier in level 15 alien campaign. Note- This powerup is new to the Raze series. unlike the invincibility shield and double damage, the rapid fire powerup only first appeared in Raze 2.

Rapid rockets

Wow! Just look at the rockets go with rapid fire!

Rapid Fire

The area around you showing that you have this Power up is similar to the shielding effect

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