Reflection! is a kill bonus earnt when an AI kills himself with his own weapon reflected off your static field or katana. Because it was reflected off your static field, it is not counted as a suicide and therefore earns the kill bonus, which awards 2 credits. Below are the steps on how to get the kill bonus in quickmatch.

My target killed himself lying next to my static field, which reflected off his projectiles and shot himself. I got the credit for the kill, and it was not a suicide.

How to get itEdit

  1. Set quickmatch, 2 teams, only you on your team, and 6 people on the 2nd team
  2. Make sure you have your static field!
  3. Set it to very easy, in the Headquarters and set it to explosives only. Also, last thing, turn off equipment.
  4. Press play.
  5. Find a player with a rocket launcher, deploy static field close to target
  6. Hopefully the player will shoot himself with the rocket!

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