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Rocket Launcher


Standard rocket launcher carries V-12 rockets that have a large blast radius and magnitude.












3 Shots x 3 Clips






The conventional rocket launcher fires a V-12 rocket at enemies, a direct hit doing 100 damage machine-gun style. It holds up to 3 clips, each containing 3 rockets. It is does the most damage then any other weapon in the game with a large blast radius. Like most other explosives, it is capable of getting a Critical Hit. Kills enemies dead.


One of the "Great Three" in the original Raze 1 (others are the Railgun and Ice Chaingun). It could shoot three rockets in quick succession, before requiring a reload. One of the "Wall Piercers", the two guns that could kill through thin walls and platforms (other is the Grenade Launcher). This is one gun that matched the original's legacy in Raze 1. Hopefully the producers will continue the legacy of the Rocket Launcher in all of the Raze Series!


The rocket launcher is known to bypass Adrenaline Boost if it hits a target at point blank range.

It is known to spit into two upon reflection with the Static Field and the Katana.

At absolute point blank range, it can inflict 250 damage. Along with the Katana glitch it can instant kill Raze Soldier in level 30.


A rocket launcher is any device that launches a rocket-propelled projectile, although the term is often used in reference to mechanisms that are portable and capable of being operated by an individual. Weapon systems that fall into this category include the shoulder-launched missile weapon, the wider international term for any weapon that fires a rocket-propelled projectile at a target, yet is small enough to be carried by a single person, and fired while held on one's shoulder. The term bazooka is also often used for any shoulder-launched rocket weapon. Some rocket launchers are designed to shoot down planes and are armed with avionics to chase planes. Some of them carry low frequency radar, able to "see" stealth aircraft.


  • High Shield
  • Combat Armor
  • Flux Capacitor with Shield
  • Adrenaline Boost
  • Static Field
  • Teleport
  • Run, if you are low health


Holy Grail
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