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The Alien Armada

The Second Human-Alien war started in the year 2117 and is concurring. It was a conflict between the Alien Empire and the Human Race because of the Artifacts: an unknown origin, Ancient Alien Technology.


Humans: Human Armed Forces & Re-enlisted Raze Task Force.

Alien Empire: Alien Army, Alien Armada, Obediant Zombies.


The Cause of the War was not because of the 1st Human-Alien War (2108-2112). Instead, the Aliens were trying to protect their planet from a dangerously close meteor shower with the Artifacts. The Artifacts fell in the Humans hands and a conflict erupted. The Humans would not give the Artifacts back peacefully because the meteor shower was in a path to Earth as well.

Major Battles/EventsEdit

Echo-1 Incident: Aliens shoot at and destroy a Echo Class Human Cruiser. The crew of the Cruiser was able to succesfully destroy the Alien Vessel thus starting the War. Both Sides Claim Victory.

First Wave of Alien Invasion: The Aliens invade Earth starting with a missile barrage but the Humans manage to defend many key locations including the Human HQ. Human Victory.

Battle for the Underwater Facility: The Aliens attacked a lab where the Artifacts are being researched and secured. The Raze Task Force was able to defend the location. Human Victory.

Battle of the Shipyards: Aliens were able to successfully claim a Human Shipyard as their own. First Major Human loss of the War. Alien Victory.

Battle of the Mines: Human Mines have been attacked with Aliens wanting to take the Artifacts and precious metals. Human Victory.

Battle for the Frozen Outpost: A Human Communications Station in the Arctic and location of one of the Artifacts. Aliens fail to secure it. Human Victory.

Battle of the Final Artifact: A testing Dome where the final Artifact would be amplified to full power. The Raze Task Force was able to secure it and place the final Artifact thus ending the first part of the War. Human Victory.

Second Wave of Alien Invasion: Aliens are successfully able to invade Earth with a force unseen in History. Decisive Alien Victory.

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