Railgun vs. Holy Grail

We all know lots about Raze 2. Which are the most useful pieces of equipment to counter a certain gun, the range of a weapon, etc. But it annoys now me whenever someone calls the Railgun useless, or the Holy Grail the "best weapon". Here's why.

Holy Grail...player's enemy in waves...

You've probably noticed how everyone calls the Holy Grail "the ultimate weapon". But is it really? Yes in terms of damage to a SINGLE enemy. But when your fighting a couple enemies, can you really afford to reload after one shot(that if you miss is a total waste)(or be a noob and press pause for instant reloads), wait a second to raise your weapon, fire again, then restart? Plus it can only hit 1 enemy at a time, unlike all other Long Range Weapons

In these cases I'd rather anything, even a railgun, than a Holy Grail. If you're facing several enemies, Holy Grail is your worst enemy.


While not as good as an average sniper rifle, and besides the fact that everyone hates it, Railgun is a just as good as all other Long Rang Weapons because:

  1. It's shots can go through enemies, it does not face the same disadvantageous miscalculation the Electro Bolt does, and the shot does not weaken as it passes through enemies like the Electro Bolt.
  2. Pulsator only works when enemies are tightly knitted.
  3. Sniper rifles can match it because of how many shots it can fire in a clip and of the Headshot+.

The Point

This is not to prove that the Railgun is better than the Holy Grail, or that you should let go of your Holy Grail to take a Railgun. I understand it takes several shots from a railgun, while usually 1 from a Holy Grail. All I am saying is that we should not over-rate or under-rate weapons for a single factor. Which means: All Long Range Weapons were created equal

~Declaration of Weaponry

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