For Raze 3 I have a HUGE idea... now the campaign is fine as it was in both Razes. You've probably already thought of this but you should make new recruits (new characters) And you add another story to the campaign. Locusts. Now for Quick match and profiles... how about you make the game a multiplayer game instead of a game with CPU's named as made up user names - which is pretty smart -. Now when the player decides to change thier profile, You should make races with the used characters; Human, Zombies, Aliens, and Locusts. You can make money in the whole game! every kill gives you money. Including Campaign and quick matches. All the money adds. Or you can do it the level up way. Every kill you make gives you more exp to level up. everytime you level up, you can level up a skill. Power, Speed, and Shield. (Every skill up to 15 or whatever you max you'd like). People can be able to click the other user's name and look at their profile. You can be able to add them as a friend, mute them, or private message them. You can make the maximum level the Users reach. You should make a room lobby for every user to join a good room also. That's all i have, nothing else I would change. Please comment creators of raze.

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