For those of you who will have a holiday any time soon, and is carrying their laptop with them, but don't have the internet, don't sweat! You can play Raze 2 offline! This website will at least let you play Raze 2 anywhere, anytime with a laptop.

  1. Click here to open the page
  2. Save it onto bookmarks and/or favourites, so you can click on it when you open your browser, even without the internet.
  3. When you're on holiday with a computer without the internet, just open your bookmarks or favourites and play Raze 2!

Note: When you play it, it might say something like, "Armorgames service is unavailable". Just cross it out. Also, it sometimes saves only. Prepare for a slightly slower battle as it is fullscreen. You can't log onto armrogames even if you have an account. Anyway, have fun on it if you need it.

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