If anyone of you have heard that Juice-Tin is making a video about Strike force Heroes. It's awesome, especially about the bit of the Enemy Air Strike! Platinum123 and I have created a new wiki for Strike Force Heroes, called Strike Force Heroes Wiki. (Page is directed into Special:WikiActivity.)

Also, I'm going on holiday back to my "home-metropolis", Hong Kong, from mid-June to Mid-July! During that time, someone will have to take my spot as active contributor.

Anyway, please leave in the comments below what you think of the video. Also, be also sure to check the dev blog for Strike Force Heroes, at Sky9 Games! Just to show a sneak peek of how the game is turning out to be, here is a sample copy of the dev blog so far:

Strike Force Heroes teaser trailer

Posted on February 28, 2012

For anyone that’s been wondering what the new game Strike Force Heroes will be like, or how it will play, your questions will finally be answered!

We pretty much took everything that you loved from our previous games, and added in everything that you wanted in our previous games! (Except for online play, we’ve got big plans for that in the future)

Here’s a teaser trailer that shows a bit of what the game has to offer:

For a bit of extra info on the game, here’s a small list of it’s features (also shown in the games section):

- 12 player arena shooter (human + 11 bots) - Over 65 weapons to chose from - Multiple classes each with their own distinct skills and playstyles - Very smart AI that feels like playing real people - Level up by gaining experience to improve your stats - Explosive killstreaks. Yes, killstreaks.

Raze 2 nominated for the 2012 FGS community choice award! Thanks to all of you who voted for Raze 2, we’ve been nominated for this year’s Community Choice award!

In a few days we’ll be flying down to San Francisco with our fingers crossed on winning that award, so there may not be much updates for a while. When we get back however, it’s full steam ahead to finish both Strike Force Heroes, and Siegius Arena.

Future Raze Games For anyone interested in future games, Addison is still extremely busy in school, so any Raze games will have to wait until the summer. But until then, we’ve got some great stuff on the way!

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